The Love Of God

Encompassed by a massive obsidian expanse our blue speck of a world rests suspended among the stars. Apparently insignificant and microscopic compared to the void in which it dwells, its inhabitants are like nothing short of insects. Like lice in a man’s hair, we swarm and multiply; rushing to and fro about the globe. All carry about their day-to-day concerns without the slightest cognizance, repeating a fixed cycle of habit and routine as though on auto-pilot. Few hold an awareness of benevolent eyes locked upon them, watching the day to day events of our lives.

A benevolent supreme being of hyper-intelligence takes the very keenest interest in the human race. Infinite wisdom is responsible for the administration of the events which transpire on our world. The hand of omnipotence exerting influence over the affairs of the earth is the same hand which suspends the heavenly bodies amidst the stars in the great gulf of space. He who upholds the worlds is also he who is the author of the cosmos. Like a painter who has produced a beautiful masterpiece, his hand has formed worlds, programmed the physics of our universe, forged the stars, and called our own world into existence.

It would seem that we as a species have caught the attention of the overlord of the universe. The thought fills the mind with astonishment. In the minds of many, the size of our world often purports unimportance. Compared to the immenseness of space we are so like ants. From this the thought is often generated that we are of no particular significance. Yet this suggestion holds no legitimacy. The mere fact that the Monarch of the galaxies holds such a keen interest in our lives suggests the opposite conclusion.

Yet the question remains, why would such a being be so interested in us? Earthly potentates rarely take an interest in their subjects. Few who hold positions or titles of apparent high esteem would care about the day-to-day events in the lives of those whom they consider themselves above. With this in mind, the conclusion certainly springs into one’s mind that such a being would not be so interested in us or our lives. After all, is it not logical for such a being of high importance to have better things to do than to pay the slightest attention to our lives or our world? To those who have personally known the monarch of the galaxies, and have been actively engaged in his service such logic is invalid.

On the surface, these facts seem outrageous. Yet even more astonishing is the reasoning behind his interest in us and our lives. As one’s imagination starts to grasp these concepts, it often wanders off into another path and out springs forth the idea that we must have some high purpose to fulfill. If such a being as the overlord of the universe is so interested in us does that not mean we must be a part of some grander scheme? Truthfully the importance of our species over all the other creatures which occupy this earth springs out of the fact that our Lord loves us.

Nothing could be more mind-boggling. There are scarcely any facts in this world which one could come to the knowledge of that could bring a more jaw-dropping feeling. The monarch of the galaxies takes interest in your life not because you are a part of some grander scheme, but because he loves you. This is a monumental revelation. It is unthinkable to find the so-called sovereigns of this world manifesting any real love for their subjects. How is it that the Sovereign ruler of the universe has any real love for you and I? Clearly, he does not possess the character traits of those who govern nations on this earth.

Yet even more astounding is how deep his love for you and I goes. Our limited human vocabulary is confronted with nothing short of impossibilities in the work of describing the love which our Lord has for us. It is not a preposterous statement to say that it is as limitless as the cosmos themselves, but even this would come far short in successfully describing it. Even words such as limitless and infinite are nothing short of understatements.

We are told, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” – John 3:16. Allow your minds to wrap around this concept for a moment. The love which he holds for you and I goes so far that he “gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” There are not many earthly monarchs who would sacrifice a member of the royal family to save the subjects of their kingdoms. Yet this is exactly the sort of sacrifice which the Monarch of the galaxies made in our behalf, that we might not perish.

Clearly every individual on the whole of this earth is of infinite value. In the eyes of the Lord, all are precious. We are worth everything to our heavenly father. No one on this world is unimportant or worthless, there is not one single individual who does not matter. Words can scarcely describe the value of human life. It is as though the sacrifice was meant for each of us individually.

In love the Lord seeks for the multitudes which occupy this earth, drawing all men to himself. Though unconscious of benevolent eyes locked upon them, the masses hear and understand the call of the Lord. The abrupt realization of a vacuum residing in the heart penetrates the mind with force comparable to an electric shock, and the soul is overtaken with the keen awareness of an overpowering hunger. The insatiable craving for the vacuum to overflow with substance, that the agony of emptiness no longer reside in the soul, now inhabits the heart. Yet heartfelt entreaties echo in the mind, and like magnetic forces pulling one object to another the soul is attracted to the sovereign ruler of the universe. His voice is discerned saying, “Come unto me all ye labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28.

It is the desire of the Lord to ensure that the vacuum in us all is filled. The overlord of the universe offers to us an everlasting friendship, and it is this alone which may satisfy the deep heart cravings of all.  One cannot help but confess deep unworthiness as the mind begins to analyze this information. Yet that which he offers us is given to us as a gift in love, not because we are worthy but because the giver loves us. Accompanying his proposition of everlasting friendship, our Lord offers to us a future beyond our world. The monarch of the galaxies is waiting to show us a world without death. It is his desire for us to dwell with him in a world where there is no more suffering, where pain is virtually nonexistent, and crying and tears are objects of ancient history.

My dear friend, I implore you to accept the Lord’s offer. Mankind has never been offered anything better, and you could scarcely find a superior friend to the Lord. He has given us his word that he shall never leave us nor forsake us, and that he would be with us all to the end. There is not a time when we are absent from his mind. His friendship with us will never fail, so long as we do not choose to leave him. This cannot be said of any earthly companion. Therefore I plead with you to seek for the monarch of the universe, that you might come to know him; for there is nothing greater in all of creation.

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