Your Best Friend

“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” – 1 Peter 5:7

One of the more beautiful things about our relationship with Christ is that we are to bring to him everything that troubles the mind. Whatever arises to disturb your peace is to be brought to Christ. Our Lord invites us to make him our confidant, to cast all of our pain on him. Our Father longs to bring to us healing and to lift the burdens from our backs. Even beyond this, our loving heavenly Father has promised to always be there for us in times of deep suffering. Than logically God is our best friend.

Never has a thought brought me closer to Christ. The mere suggestion that God is our friend holds a subduing power over the soul, and fills the heart with love for the creator. You will not find an incentive more powerful than the friendship our Lord offers to us and the healing which he provides for our wounds. This is sufficient motivation for the searching soul to forsake all and follow Christ, and an even stronger incentive for the Christian to follow the Bible and live by its teachings.

Everything that I have ever desired was given to me when I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. Therefore the world has nothing to offer me. Than dare I ask how it could have anything to offer you? In comparison to the friendship which our father desires to have with us, how could there be anything worth clinging to in the world? Not one sinful pleasure that we may cling to is capable of bringing healing to our wounds, nor can such things within reason be found always by our side to provide comfort in suffering. None of these things even remotely come close to conveying to the burdened heart his or her true value. Might I therefore suggest that you have nothing to loose by following Christ and everything to gain?

Who will strip from you your pain? Who in the world can heal your scars? Associates betray your confidence. Either they do not care or they do not understand. Yet even worse than that, it would seem when they do care they do not know. Always busy and never able to speak over the matter, you may never find access to them. Many are burdened and wearied by the heart sorrows of others, and rather than seeking for the restoration of the suffering heart they turn their backs on those in need. As if these facts alone were not enough, there is many a human being who would scoff at the pain of others. Yet even if these facts were not so how could any bring rest and peace to the soul? How is it that a man could remove from you the scars that you carry? In reality no one can help you but Jesus Christ.

Our Lord and savior is the best friend that we could ever possibly have. He will always be by our side in midst of this world of sin and suffering until the end. My Christian brothers and sisters, do not let anyone take this truth away from you. Let no man rob you of the peace and rest you may find in Jesus, and of the lifelong relationship you may have with our Lord. Cease your reliance on men and place your dependance on God alone. He alone can heal the scars you carry. Only God can bind up your wounds and bring rest to your soul.


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