A Storm Is Coming

Multitudes are spellbound by the overpowering sensation of impending catastrophe. Looming over the horizon is a storm comparable to a severe hurricane. This fierce disturbance is due to collide with our world, slamming against our planet with intense destructive power. Total devastation is the end result.

Numerous individuals are cognizant of the approaching cataclysm. An acute sensation of apprehension fastens its irresistible grip on many within the masses with the sudden jolt of an electric shock. The grumbling roar of the distant storm has left them mesmerized by sheer terror. Totally helpless before the onslaught, all who hold an awareness are sensitive of impending annihilation. These individuals scrutinize data connected to world affairs, watching worldwide events unfolding with a firm vigilance.

Ferocious conflicts erupt across the globe in the blink of an eye. Furious nations assemble their forces for nothing less than global warfare. Contagions swiftly spread through the nations, running rampant across the planet. Earthquakes occur more frequently and with greater intensity. Storms and tempests rage across the land, devastation following close in their wake. Famines materialize here and there, carrying an escalating death toll.

Righteousness is regarded by the masses with revulsion, while the basest perversions are celebrated and accepted. Morality rapidly evaporates to be replaced by the most horrific wickedness imaginable. Men exalt in their deeds of violence as though their actions are worthy of praise. Yet all of this is but the tip of the iceberg. These are the harbingers of a cataclysm of mammoth proportions. It is unlike anything ever experienced by the inhabitants of this planet since the foundation of the world. The most horrific cataclysm that the human imagination can conjure is incapable of providing an accurate depiction of events soon to transpire on this planet.

In spite of the roar of the approaching storm, a class of people sleep. Their slumber blinds them to the truth. Clear warning signs are regarded as commonplace occurrences. A bias of normalcy slips over their eyes. For them it is as though the approaching disturbance is totally camouflaged from view, the rumbling of the storm completely muffled. Yet they have chosen to be under the spell of this bias. Their own fears have prevented them from accepting what a keen observer spots with ease, that the single greatest crisis humanity has ever faced is about to arrive upon the global scene.

The vigilant and those who slumber share one thing in common, they’re both heading straight for impending annihilation. Without an apparent solution in sight, the vast majority of the masses are doomed to perish in the fury of the storm. The world’s most brilliant minds could not conjure a solution to the problem. All of the resources of this world are incapable of producing a means of escape. Yet despite all of this there is hope. That which is to come is comparable to the birth of a child.

Unknown to the masses, the monarch of the galaxies is soon to extricate his people from this world. With all of the armies of heaven behind him, he will soon arrive. The survival of his people through the fury of the storm is secured. While others are incapable of escaping the horrors soon to transpire on this world, they have a shelter under the hand of the almighty. Their bread and water is sure. They have long awaited this event, longing for nothing more than their Lord to return and take them home. While they’re rescued, the wicked world is annihilated.

A means of escape is offered to all who so desire it. It is within the grasp of everyone. Yet it would seem that few desire to take hold of it, for it involves a turning away from their evil ways. Their regard for righteousness with revulsion is their downfall, for it prevents them from finding refuge from the storm. Even in spite of all this, because there is a means of escape for all a message of warning must resound across the globe. A dying world must be warned of impending catastrophe, and directed towards their only way out.

Even among those who profess to follow the Lord, there are those who will not survive the coming cataclysm. Their downfall is their neglect of something that is of great importance. Preparation for this event is required of all who profess to know the monarch of the galaxies. We must be ready and live as though the storm were to collide with our world tomorrow. Our lives must be right with the Lord before the storm is upon us. Physical preparations will not save anyone from impending annihilation. We cannot afford to put off this needed preparation and expect to survive the coming crisis.

My dear friends, we must watch and pray and live as though each day were our last. A storm is coming, and we know not when it will collide with our world.