About Us

“Let us reason together” is a Christian internet ministry.

Our mission is to spread the everlasting gospel, uplift Christ and him crucified, defend the character of our Lord, and expose the deceptions of Satan. It is also our firm belief that we are on the verge of the last days of this earth’s history, at the very ‘borders of eternity’ if you will, and therefore we feel it is our duty to give a warning message to the world concerning the coming crisis. It is our prayer that you may come to know Christ through these writings, and that you may be blessed and encouraged.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Thank you for commenting on the post LB 62… “Millennium Of Prophecy” Lesson # 24. Since it appears that the website won’t accept the comment I will answer your question on your blog. Yes, the series is from “Amazing Facts” and it is one of the best bible studies I have ever done on Bible Prophecy.

    If you would like to check them out I have the whole series on my blog “Lightbearers For Jesus.” You can access them easily by clicking on this link:


    May God bless you!

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